I have created this website for several reasons.

When my twin sister and I were born twins were unusual and not very common. Today with the advent of IVF (in vitro fertilization) and the medical field exploding with infertility solutions…twins and multiple births are now so much more of a common occurrence.

Growing up as an identical twin was both rewarding and challenging at the same time. I love having a sister and some one the same age as me, but constantly struggled with my independence and how people perceive twins and how they saw me!? Most people don’t understand what it feels like to be a twin having to share everything growing up.

Having a double Mitzvah is no exception. Being a twin and having photographed many Mitzvahs I often am asked questions on “How do I do this B’nai Mitzvah as my children are completely different and we are having one celebration?”

Planning a B’nai Mitzvah for twins I imagine has twice the joy as well as twice the complexity on how to create a celebration for your two children who not only want to be treated as individuals, but may have completely different tastes and personalities as well as wanting their own special celebration.

I will attempt in this unique website to be the expert I am in the twin and Mitzvah worlds to help all you families out there with twins or triplets with suggesting great ideas and helpful solutions so each of your children has the best day of their lives and feels special on this amazing milestone.

I see the biggest challenge being how to celebrate each child’s individuality, tastes and interests. You will need to merge them together to create one concept or theme that will brand your children’s party in a way that is eloquent and tasteful but still captures each child’s spirit and style. It’s not an easy task.

There are many areas we will touch on such as temple gear, thematic concepts, cakes, logos, sign in boards and books, speeches, parent dances, photo decor and so much more.


  • Sarah’s unique experience capturing twin moments give multiple dimensions to  every single photograph. She is able to capture a depth, scale and emotion of twins sharing an occasion, yet experiencing it in their own way. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have Sarah photograph my twin boys Bnei Mitzvah. Three years later I still look at both books and laugh and cry!!!

    Ellen Lowey B’Nai Mitzvah parent

  • “We love Nicole’s Bat Mitzvah album! It came out great!! You did an amazing job and the end product is stunning! Leo is a fabulous photographer, extremely professional and creative and so nice to work with. We adore him and the beautiful pictures he took. The event may be over but we now have wonderful photos from a moment in time that we will always cherish! Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into creating a wonderful family treasure for us.”

    Michele, Scott, Nicole and the Budoff family

  • Sarah,

    Rebecca and I, and Elena, are deeply appreciative of how well the album turned out. What a great piece of work that we’ll all cherish forever. Thank you… and please extend our thanks to your whole team. Let them know we appreciate their work. If it would help your promotional literature or your website, I want to give a quote from me. Here you go…feel free to use it.

    “As the Editor of New York Family, I’ve known Sarah for many years, and we are still regularly working together. She has photographed many of our best cover shoots. But I must tell you, on the personal front, my wife and I hired Sarah to shoot our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. So now I’m speaking from the heart: We love our photo album. My daughter loves the album. For now and forever, we are deeply appreciative of the amazing job Sarah and her team did at the Bat Mitzvah and later with the album.”


    Eric Messinger, Mitzvah Father and Editor of New York Family Magazine

  • “Jeremy – Your montage was a big hit. Everyone loved it especially Larry!!!!!!!!! Thank you so so so much. You were so patient and so amazing and I really appreciated all your hard work.”

    Amy S.

  • “The pictures are fabulous! we had a great time with Sarah on Tuesday and cannot wait for her to shoot the wedding! She is a tremendous artist. :)”

    Lauren Fischberg, Bride

  • Dear Sarah:

    There are no words large enough or meaningful enough to tell you how grateful we are to you for your volunteering your time to be our professional photographer at our 80s event fundraiser. You do a stunning job.

    Thank you very much for your endless hours of huge support. Your priceless generosity of time and spirit is appreciated by the members of the Foundation and more importantly, by the sick children and their families that we serve.

    Nancy Joselson, Pediatric Cancer Foundation Administrative Director

  • 6/9/14

    Dear Sarah,

    Sometimes, and especially during joyous occasions, it’s difficult to soak in just how special of a time it is. I want to thank you for so beautifully capturing the special nature of Confirmation. Because of you, our students will be able to relive that evening over and over again. We are so appreciative of you volunteering both your time and efforts- we are very lucky to have you!

    Zach Rols, Director of Teen and Family Engagement, Central Synagogue