1) Do we need two photographers at our party or is one sufficient for our twins?

We recommend two photographers because the events usually have twice the amount of children. It is great to have one photographer for each child. One child may be more outgoing than the other and we want to make sure each child is covered well and the coverage is equal as opposed to one child hogging the camera. If the party has a smaller amount of guests and the budget does not allow for 2 shooters that is OK too.

2) My twins are so different. How do I combine both of their styles and interests?

There are lots of ways you can share your child’s uniqueness. Selecting 2 complimentary colors and hobbies or thoughts for décor is a great start. I suggest working with a planner or your party designer to create their special concept.

3) For our party do I create one logo for each child or do I need to design two different branding logos for the party?

I am very independent from my sister and would want both. Some twins are much more connected and wouldn’t mind sharing one logo. I suggest individual logos for some areas at the party and logos on screens for all to see could be one logo combined. There is no written rule on this.

4) Do I purchase and create one book for both children or do I need to create 2 separate albums?

This answer is a simple one. Your children will eventually have their own homes and families and will each want their own album. We have created an affordable price for the second album. Being a twin myself I understand how important their own family heirloom will be.

5) Should we purchase one sign – in board or sign – in book for each child or is one OK?

I feel the same way about these products as I do for the albums. Each child will ultimately want their own keepsake from their Mitzvah and should each have their own. Their friends will sign one or both depending on the friendship and well wishes from their friends are unique and special.

6) Photo décor at the party is important for us. Do we create images of each child alone to put around the room or should all the photos be with the children together or a mixture of the two?

This is a personal preference depending on your twins and how they want to be seen at the party. Some twins may be a lot closer than others and want to share their photos together and some children want special sport outfits or fashion looks that may not work together in one photo and separate images around the room look better and create another way for celebrating their individuality at the party.

7) I have seen pillows as decoration at the parties I have been to for one child. How do I handle creating pillows for my twins?

I suggest doing three different looks for pillows. Some pillows could have the joint logo on them or a creative design sharing both children’s concept for the party as well as having individual pillows with different logos or ideas so that each twin could have pillows for their own rooms that they don’t have to share. If both children share a room and are very close this may not matter to them.

8) Should each child have their own special entrance with the dancers or should they enter their party together at the same time?

There is no right or wrong. I would speak with your entertainment company who is helping to plan the flow and energy of the party to see what they suggest. This is also a decision that the family will need to make together as it has to do with the timing of the event as well. Some twins are closer than others and some twins may want their “own moment in the lime light”.

9) As parents we obviously love our children equally. Should we write an individual speech for each of our children or create one speech for both?

I think that parents should address their guests to thank them for coming to the party to celebrate with their children together but should then write unique speeches for each child on their unique personalities and accomplishments. We are all proud parents but your children I am sure would want to be addressed on these accomplishments individually as they are individuals.

10) I have seen cubbies or lockers at Mitzvahs I have been to. We are having twice the amount of children because they are twins… should we have them all in one location or break them out in two areas for each child’s friends to have their own area?

I would say that this question will have a lot to do with how many children you are having at the party as well as the space that you have to place the cubbies at your event location. If you are having 200 children and your twins are male and female you may actually want different colors and looks for boys and girls and two different areas is the way to go.

11) How does the temple photo session work? Do we photograph them both on the same day?

Because your children will be sharing the service and both being at the Beema at the same time and on the same day we feel the rehearsal or temple portion of your celebration should be together and on the same day. This is what a temple will require as well.

12) Do my children write their own thank you notes or do they write one note from both of them?

If your child received one gift from a guest (which would be terrible) then I suggest they write one thank you note from both of them. Otherwise they are individuals and should receive gifts or money for each of them and thank you notes should be written separately.

13) If our twins are the same sex should their outfits be similar in color or style?

Being a twin myself I never wanted to wear the same outfit as my sister. Even if your twins are the same sex I feel they should buy outfits that look good on each of them and should reflect their own unique taste and personality. That being said the colors could definitely be similar or coordinated. Your twins will tell you what they want and because they have to be happy with the way they look and feel this is a unique decision.